NIEUW Bruine hemel Golf 2!

New headliner Scale?

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A new headliner has a smaller chance of going bad again. The foam that was in the headliner has been replaced by strong material that can withstand the heat better, will not dry out or will dry out less quickly.

Headliner broken
This is not a problem, but before we make any promises about recoating, we need to see the current situation. The fabric is only part of the roof finish in the car.
If you want the best result, in some cases it is better to buy a new headliner.
Putting the old headliner back can be more difficult because you miss the foam that should be between the fabric and the roof. This allows you to see every small imperfection

New Color or fabrik ?

If you want to use a new color or material, we can order and cover it. Feel free to call for the possible options. This is also possible when it comes to recovery. Keep in mind that the handles, interior lighting, styles and sun visors in some cases retain the old color.